Building Permits

When a Permit Is Required

Whether you're remodeling, expanding, changing the use of an existing structure, or building and entirely new structure, you will probably need a permit. It is always best to contact our department while you are still in the planning stage and before investing funds in any manpower or materials.

The City of El Reno currently subscribes to the 2015 International Building Codes and International Residential Codes. We are also under the 2014 National Electric Code.

For more information on building codes, or to order your own set of codes, please visit the International Code Council.

Permits are required for any of the following:

  • Repairs to existing structures involving work on the heat and air, plumbing, or electrical systems.
  • Any alteration involving load bearing walls or other framing work.
  • Changing the structure's primary use.
  • New structures including accessory buildings.
  • Changes in egress (adding new doors or windows or blocking off existing ones).
  • Improving or altering areas near the floodplain including equipment storage and/or altering drainage structures.
  • Swimming pools, storm shelters, flagpoles, balconies, and other incidental uses.
  • Work being done in the right-of-way such as driveway approaches, road bores, paving cuts, etc.

How a Permit Is Obtained

The property owner or authorized agent must present an application, construction documents, and plan review fees to the El Reno Community Development Department. In some cases only a simple site plan is required to obtain a permit. Sometimes applying may involving submitting floor plans, site plans, drainage calculations and designs, and appropriate state and federal permits.