Route to the Future

What Route to the Future Is

Route to the Future is El Reno’s comprehensive plan.  A comprehensive plan aggregates the viewpoints, concerns, and ideas of the people of El Reno into a stated vision.  The goal of Route to the Future is to envision the best El Reno in 2040, and to define the actions necessary to achieve that vision. Route to the Future will equip decision-makers, from city staff to elected officials, with information to guide development towards El Reno’s stated vision through ordinances and capital improvement plans.

How It Was Made

A steering committee of volunteers from throughout El Reno joined together to build Route to the Future.  After determining focus areas of the future comprehensive plan, the steering committee joined staff to:

  • Gather community feedback at Burger Day, A Small Town Weekend, Smoke on the Water, and other local events
  • Develop and distribute an online survey
  • Map future growth patterns
  • Consult with El Reno leaders about the future of the community
  • Host 5 Open House events to gauge progress on key aspects of the plan
  • Draft, review, and present Route to the Future to the Municipal Planning Commission and City Council

The following are key points from the Route to the Future plan.  For more information, please see the full document here.