What is “the code”?

The City of El Reno has adopted ordinances, or codes, that among other things, promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of persons and property within the community. Many of these protective duties are the oversight and responsibility of the Code Enforcement Office, also known as the City Marshal Service, a division of the El Reno Police Department.

The City Marshal Service staff receives and investigates complaints, then makes a determination if a public nuisance, zoning, license, permit, or other regulatory violation exists. When such violations are found, a variety of measures may be taken by the City Marshal Service or by various other departments within the city to assure correction.

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1. What is “the code”?
2. What is considered a violation?
3. How can you help?
4. How to make a complaint
5. What happens after the complaint?
6. Where can you get the code?