How to make a complaint

Complaints can be made by telephone at any time by calling (405) 262-2000. If the telephone is not answered by an employee, or if it is after regular business hours, messages can be left by voicemail.  Callers may remain anonymous. You can also file a formal complaint online. Emergency or animal violations can be made through the El Reno Police Department by calling 405-262-6941.

Complaints can also be made in person at the City Municipal Building annex, 101 N Choctaw.

Please include a specific address or accurate directions to the violation property when making a complaint and/or a contact number for requesting additional information.

Also, remember ugliness is not a public nuisance. Neighbors who paint their houses in distasteful colors or display unusual yard ornaments are not public nuisance violators. Also, subdivision covenants are enforceable as a civil matter by property owners with the subdivision and are not public nuisances enforceable by the City.

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4. How to make a complaint
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