Traffic Services


The El Reno Police Department is committed to apprehending intoxicated drivers and citing motorists who have violated laws, which cause collisions, as well as the importance of addressing overall traffic safety.

Traffic Services focuses on promoting traffic safety and solving traffic-related problems throughout the City through intervention and education and by partnering with various City departments as well as private and government organizations.

Officers involved with traffic services focus on reducing the rate and severity of traffic collisions by concentrating efforts on speed reduction, high-risk violation enforcement, D.U.I enforcement, driver education, pedestrian behavior, traffic safety presentations to the public, defective equipment violation enforcement, commercial vehicle violation enforcement, traffic hazard notification, and roadway condition improvements.

We are also committed to responding to citizen traffic complaints.

More information

For the most recently released information on traffic safety, national crash statistics, and a lot more, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website.